Class of 2019 Corporate Governance Pledge

From the Graduating Class of 2019:

We are about to enter the workforce at a time when many feel disenchanted, inequality runs rampant, and political divides seem to be ever-widening. As we set out to write the next chapter of our lives, we must uphold our values of freedom, fairness, and equal opportunity.

We can all play a role in building a radically better future – starting at our own companies. We ask you to pledge to challenge concentrations of power that exacerbate inequality and inefficiency. Join the pursuit of widely shared prosperity and richer, more cooperative society.

I pledge that within my role and capacity at my company I will strive to:


  • foster inclusive corporate governance (the rules and practices by which decisions are made at my company) through dialogue and collective action;

  • promote more distributed, cooperative management practices and a culture of fairness, accountability and transparency, whether on my direct team, in my department or the company at large;

  • ensure vigorous competition, curbing anti-competitive practices that can lead to higher prices or hinder other businesses from entering the market;

  • encourage employees to build solidarity with all stakeholders, including the consumers and workers we serve; and

  • uphold the rights of those who work under us as we climb the ranks of our organizations.

This pledge asserts my support for these values, holds me accountable to acting upon them, and demonstrates my commitment to building a future in which all people may lead good, free and fulfilling lives.

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